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Well the good Lord continues to bless this ministry! We have been very excited to help so many other people during this past quarter and it was all by His grace!



 It's always a blessing to help another missionary in "any" way, but to fuel the flame for a "future" missionary was just incredible. We pray that God will burden Justin's heart with His will for his life and use him accordingly.




Billy, with SWAN ministries couldnt find anyone to overhaul his props. not only did I have a great source but we picked up the props in Crestview, FL where I spent a couple days to see the ranch for orphaned kids. I also got a tour of the maintenance facility and got to meet Billy's wonderful family. I flew back down with the newly overhauled props, to Bessemer Alabama, and helped install the props and perform other maintenance tasks on the Aztec that was donated to that ministry. Billy has expressed that this airplane will also be available for us to use for ministry if needed! He also offered his labor if and when we need it for "our" planes.




As soon as we saw the path of the hurricanes we knew it wouldnt be good. I  know several people who minister and are missionaries in the Honduras area and one of those couples is the Mora's. I met the Mora's locally about 3-4 years ago and have followed their ministry closely. Their home and belongings were a total loss. God immediately laid them on my heart and boy did he ever supply! Emission-Air was able to raise and present to the Mora's a check in the amount of $3,285.00 by the grace of God. We pray this will be a blessing to their ministry and community.  





Addyson has finally gotten a piano teacher that's making a difference. We thank God for introducing us to someone who actually teaches hymns and music that can be used in the ministry of God rather than just concert pieces. She recently had a recital and we enjoyed a father-daughter date this month as well. This girl truly wants to be used by the Lord. 




We all know that day is coming that our children will grow up and leave the nest but I wish time would slow down just a little bit! Happy 17th Birthday to this girl! We are very proud of Chloey for what she has done to advance herself in her career including, college classes, observing in the OR multiple times and sitting with a dementia patient. 




After speaking with the pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, it was obvious that his flock needed help. He has people that have been out of work for some time now and are going without food. I wanted to help those people in a couple different ways. Obviously they needed a food source but we also wanted to take a little burden of buying Christmas gifts off their plates as well. God laid a shoebox ministry on my heart and so it began. We packed about 275 shoeboxes for the children and flew those down to the Bahamas in the ministry plane, making about 3 trips to get them all there. We also spoke with Renewed Hope who I'm a director for and they donated $1000.00 for food for the families and then another check is on the way for Turkeys and Hams for the church. We performed an outreach with Faith Force for the christian school there and followed up with a pizza and drink party. Finally, the government also asked that we bring a load of toys over for them, from Fort Lauderdale, and we accommodated. Thank God for the equipment and provisions to be able to get this outreach done in the Bahamas. The youth group from my church even got involved by "driving" the boxes to Florida for me to shuttle across in the plane and they attended church there in Sebring and shared their testimony! With my church behind me and this ministry we are already looking for other opportunities to help the people on other islands of the Bahamas in the near future.



God is still using me to preach in other churches and to teach our adult Sunday School there at Open Door, our home church. I have also made several different flights to assist other missionaries. We are putting the cessna in annual this week and will be busy with that for the next couple weeks. I am scheduled to do a life flight for a kidney patient this Saturday the 2nd and ask for prayers for that trip from Asheville to Chapel Hill. Lord willing I will be traveling to OK to visit one of my supporting churches there in January. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. Please help us, as you feel led, to spread the word about this ministry. We need all the support we can get and pray to be able to continue flying both planes, adding more missionaries to our ministry. Be in much prayer about that! God Bless you all and Happy New Year!! 

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