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God is so good! We praise him for our continued good health and for the provisions he has blessed us with daily. We continue to pray for lost in our family.




For the last 3 years I have been flying missions for different ministries for many different needs. We've flown pastors and missionaries, disaster relief flights, hauled bibles and crayons etc. Many of those flights were for an organization called Operation Renewed Hope. We have hauled many loads of food and disaster relief supplies for ORH to the Bahamas. That organization also has a branch called Air Hope. They have asked me to be the director of that operation! In this new role I will be the first pilot into a disaster area where I will set up a distribution center, to store supplies, until they can be delivered by airplane. I will recruit pilots, to come in on a volunteer basis, to deliver these goods. ORH has in turn been a huge financial help already in getting our newest airplane ready to fly. I am VERY excited to fill this position and to see the Lord's will for this ministry in this role.




We had a wonderful time last weekend at our first ever meet and greet at the Davidson County Airport! We gave away tons of paper back bibles, Christian books and tracts and as you can see the kids had a blast! We also gave away a new Scofield Bible and an airplane ride. We met new pastors, shared the gospel and prayed with families on the grounds. After seeing how the Lord blessed this time of fellowship and outreach, we are planning a much bigger, COMMUNITY event for next year! Please be in prayer for this effort. 


    Our board named Deric Brady as our Vice Chair, at our board meeting last month. Bro. Deric is a Deacon at Westside Baptist Church, under Pastor Jason Koontz. He has been a board member since January when we established the board. Bro. Deric was OBVIOUSLY pointed out to me by the Lord as the one to fill this position on the board. He is a great leader and is ready to jump in and lead at anytime. He also manages a branch of a local bank.  
    We also named Bro. John Priest, Chaplain of Emission-Air! Bro Priest is a member of Faith Church of Midway NC and is also a Gideon. We felt that Bro John's demeaner was that of someone who portrays Romans 12:1 on a continuous basis and is a wonderful counselor and prayer warrior.
    Please be in prayer for these men as they support me in my role as a missionary. Along with my wife, this board has been crucial to assisting me in getting things done. 



You guys know this is the newest addition to our fleet of airplanes. Get a good look cause it wont look like this very long! With the help of ORH and God's grace a brand new paint job has been donated! I'll drop the plane off in Atlanta next Friday, Lord willing, for about a month. I have the paint scheme but I'm not going to reveal it till I show you the actual finished product. Thank God for this unexpected opportunity. 


I so enjoy sharing news and pictures about the airplanes with you guys, HOWEVER, they are only tools that the Lord has given us in order to do his job. I'm very careful not to love the Gift more than the Giver! The "Responsibilty" here, is still to spread the Gospel. Though we use these "tools" to do that very thing, we are also preaching, teaching and presenting the ministry each week! I am very blessed to be able to stay busy through all thats going on in this day and time. Though teaching our adult Sunday School weekly when I'm not traveling, i've been invited to be with several other churches this month to share the Gospel and update on our ministry. 




Last but not least, my family has asked to go to Dominica with me on the next trip. I never WANT to go without them but because of the cost of the tickets I'm never able to take them. That being said, Chloey and Addyson are writing letters to our supporting churches and doing some fundraisers outside the church to pay for their trip. We will be going down for a week in the spring, as requested by the pastor there, to assist with the family retreat. We also plan to do a painting project in the church while there.  Please be in prayer about this need.

If you would like to donate to the girls' trip, feel free to mail a check to, Emission-Air, PO Box 1882 Welcome, NC 27374 and write "DOMINICA TRIP" in the memo block. 







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